How Do We Uninstall Torch Browser Effectively on Mac?

uninstall Torch Browser

Is the Torch Browser really difficult to be removed on your computer? Cannot uninstall Torch Browser even though you had tries many removal ways? Get more details about the program below, and take the proper way to delete on the Mac.

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Brief introduction of Torch Browser

Torch Browser, based on the Chromium technology platform, is a third party browser available for Mac OS X that integrates the social features, media downloading and sharing features. When perform the program installation, there are some add-ones and plug-ins often being installed with the program on the computer, in addition to the browser application itself., which usually sets the default search engine and homepage automatically.

Difficulties of removing the app on Mac

  • Cannot remove or trash Torch Browser
  • Even though you performed the removal, associated settings such as the start page, default search engine on the browser still cannot be changed or go back to the original situation
  • Can’t find any uninstaller on Mac to get rid of this browser

Has a very common removing problem on your PC? These are all the problems many people encounter when they try to uninstall Torch Browser on their Mac computers. So now, it is very important to work out a way that can avoid these problems well and remove the browser application effectively.

We can uninstall Torch Browser for Mac in these ways

First way: take manual removal to delete it

The OS X itself has its own removing feature, which can be used to remove Torch Browser on the Mac, this is also the most traditional and common way for the general user to uninstall an application, but the shortcoming is also very obvious: you should perform all the removal steps independently.

Procedures of removing Torch Browser in a manual way: stop the program – trash it on the Mac – check and delete all of vestiges on the hard disk – empty the Trash

Specific steps of manual Torch Browser removal:

1. Stop the program running on your Mac. Right-click on the Torch Browser’s icon on the Dock, and select Quit

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 11.49.41 AM

2. Remove the program package to the Trash. Click on Go to expand the sub-menu, select Applications on the left, and drag the program’s icon to the Trash

Torch Browser for Mac

3. Remove its leftovers. After manually removing its install package on the Mac, you will need to continue the program removal via cleaning its remnant files completely, which usually involves the following removing steps on the Library folder:

  • Click on GOGo to Folder… — type “~/library/” in the box — press Return, and you will go to the Library folder


  • Click on Application Support in the Library folder, and delete the support files or folder of Torch Browser

Torch Browser support files

  • Back to the Library folder, and click to open Containers, erase everything related to the program¬†inside
  • Continue to open Caches in Library, and delete the caches with the app’s name
  • Finally, click on Preferences, and remove Torch Browser’s preferences inside

If you are told that the program just can be removed via dragging the icon in Applications to the Trash, you will always result in an incomplete or unsuccessful removal, because it is not the whole of the program uninstall on your Mac, many of its related files are still locating on the associated folders in the Library, and the complete removal only can be reached when you totally clean up these files on the hard disk.

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Second way: uninstall Torch Browser with Osx Uninstaller

  • Install and start Osx Uninstaller on your Mac computer
  • Locate the Torch Browser program’s icon, and click on Run Analysis

uninstall Torch Browser with Osx Uninstaller

  • Click on Complete Uninstall icon, and click Yes to confirm the program removal


confirm removal

  • After a while, you will receive a message which states “Congratulations! Torch Browser has been successfully removed”, at this time, you can exit the uninstaller, and restart your Mac to permanently uninstall Torch Browser on your Mac


Osx Uninstaller is an automated way to mange the program removal on the Mac computer, including remove the Torch Browser, all of components will be detected and removed well by the uninstaller, so you can keep far away from the incomplete or unsuccessful removal.

Importance of removing a program thoroughly on Mac

An incomplete removal on the computer will leave some files and data of the program, and they will continue to stay at where they are on the PC. However, you may not know that these files are often the causes of these problems on the Mac:

  • New application cannot be installed
  • Full usage of hard disk’s space
  • Computer start-up problems
  • Running errors of installed applications

Can you imagine the incomplete removal on your computer would cause these serious and troublesome problems and issues? The best way to avoid them and protect your computer well must be perform a thorough removal for every application you need to uninstall.

Download Osx Uninstaller now and uninstall Torch Browser for a try:

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