What is Osx Uninstaller ?

Available for all installed programs

People can choose to uninstall any program installed on their PC

Complete removal

Standard and leftovers removal ensure the complete uninstallation of the program

Automatic operation

Application can be removed quickly with a few of clicks

Tech support

Any removing problem can be supported by our professional technicians

3 Steps to Complete An App Removal

Step 1 - App Analysis

Step 2 - Standard Removal

Step 3 - Leftovers Removal

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uninstall Max

How to Uninstall Max for Mac?

  • Jimmy
  • 2020 Jun 29

Are you currently stuck with uninstalling a Mac app that you do not like any more? Are you a Mac user who feels overwhelmed sometimes trying to remove Mac apps? This tutorial [...]

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If you’ve recently switched from Windows operating system computer to Mac OS X computer, the app removal differences between the two operating systems might seem [...]

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