How could be an effective program removal?

Available for all installed programs

People can choose to uninstall any program installed on their PC

Automatic operation

Application can be removed quickly with a few of clicks

Complete removal

Standard and leftovers removal ensure the complete uninstallation of the program

Tech support

Any removing problem can be supported by our professional technicians

Keep going... Version: Google Chrome compatible
2016/3/25 Version: Tor Browser compatible
2016/4/10 Version: Uninstaller optimization
2016/6/24 version: App optimization, SketchUp compatible


Beatport Pro for Mac

The installation of Beatport Pro only takes a few clicks to complete, yet if you want to uninstall it, it is not enough to delete the app itself from the Applications folder, because some of its [...]

remove PeerGuardian for Mac OS X

PeerGuardian is a firewall application that can filter network traffic based on predefined hosts lists. The project has been created to provide a protection system while using P2P but is no [...]


VueScan is a free scanning software that can works with most scanners to produce high-quality scans. Besides, it is a lite, handy tool to help you connect to the old scanner that does not include [...]

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