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The Problems

Deleting the app from Applications folder is not thorough with the app still running, slowing down bootup speed & performance, and all-over-the place leftover files taking up precious drive space.

Packed and distributed via .dmg, .pkg & .mpkg packages, Mac apps are various on where to install on your hard drive, whether to run at startup & background, and settings & permissions are required to access, such as granted permissions of Security & Privacy for installed extensions. These install options and configurations will make a complete removal for some apps very trivial, time consuming or nearly impossible if you are not a system administrator.

As a result, you might have encountered these incomplete app removal problems

The deleted app hangs at the menu bar & dock, even after reboot.

There are still configurations associated with the deleted apps in the System Preferences like login item, permissions of Security & Privacy and other sections.

The useless leftover files of the deleted app are found in various sections of your hard drive, taking up a large amount of drive space.

After quitting the app and deleting it to the Trash, it still keeps popping up various Windows of notifications, license agreement, and others.

These deleted apps still run at startup & background, seriously slowing down bootup time & system response time, and even hardly usable on a daily basis.

After deleting the app and files that can be found, there are still many files of the app in Finder.

The Solution

Osx Uninstaller is designed to completely remove unwanted apps & associated files, clean up drive space, boost your Mac performance and level up your productivity

Intuitive & easy-to-use workflow

Built for everyone to use, everything is clearly displayed and simple to follow. With a few click-through steps, a complete app removal is finished. It is native to macOS, making you feel instantly familiar like using any native macOS app, with light & to-be-released dark themes.

Powerful & thorough app analysis and removal

Built with performance & capability in mind, this analysis and removal core has been developed and continuously optimized since 2012. This state-of-art app allows you to thoroughly remove all the files of the unwanted app, clean up drive space, focus on your work & boost performance.

Restored bootup speed & improved performance

Osx Uninstaller will intelligently detect & terminate all the running sessions of the deleted app, clean up the startup files and then remove all the leftover files as well as the extensions. It will also remove all the associations and settings in the System Preferences, like login item & permissions, restoring your bootup speed, improving system performance & stability, and reclaiming drive space.

Lightweight & satisfied Mac experience

Built natively to be fast and efficient, all the operations are optimized for speed. This lightweight but powerful utility runs fast to get the job done without any hassle. Say goodbye to the sluggish, freezed or even crushed experience.

Manage all apps in one place

Osx Uninstaller conveniently allows you to review all the installed apps, packed by installer packages of .dmg and .pkg file extensions, in one central place where you can run deep analysis to locate all files of the unwanted app on your hard drive, and then remove them completely if needed with a few clicks.

Premier Custom Fix support

In addition to the regular ticket support via the online support form, in rare case that Osx Uninstaller couldn't remove the unwanted app, the Custom Fix support feature, available for all licensed users, allows you to submit help request directly to our developer team, who will review the issue, and then send the fix to you prior to new version releases.

Flat one-time fee with lifetime license and support

It is not an optical illusion. Flat one-time fee for everything. You don't need to worry about yearly or monthly payment. All license pricings include all features, updates, newer versions & support for life. This is one of the most cost-effective licensing in the app market.

At last, the better macOS app uninstaller you'll love to use on a daily basis. Watch Osx Uninstaller in real actions.

The state-of-art macOS uninstaller to remove apps thoroughly

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