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Uninstall Tor Browser for Mac – Tor Removal Guide

uninstall Tor Browser

Tor Browser can’t be removed on Mac? Do you receive any error notification during the removal or get further problem after the removal? This program uninstallation on OS X usually creates some troubles and issues, and you should take some effective resolutions and tips which can help you figure out these problems well.

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About Tor Browser application

Tor Browser is a web browser aims at protect people’s privacy online, it is dependent on the Tor network and allows the user to preserve their privacy via anonymizing the web browsing, instant messaging and other installed applications which are under the TCP protocol. However, this application sometimes would be sluggish on Mac, or encounters an error that cause it unable to perform smoothly as usual. In this case, you would consider to firstly uninstall Tor Browser to avoid the running problem on the computer.

Removing problems and possible results of Tor Browser

According to many experiences, the Tor Browser cannot be removed effectively on many Mac computers, which will deteriorate the situation when people really need to remove Tor Browser to resolve some running issues on the PC. And the general issues that often happen during the removal are:

  • Tor Browser cannot be uninstalled via removing it with the Trash
  • Tor Browser’s traces and library files cannot be totally removed on the Mac
  • Can’t find a proper way to uninstall Tor Browser

These problems may cause a series of troubles on your Mac:

  • Tor Browser cannot be uninstalled thoroughly
  • Tor Browser cannot be re-installed
  • Additional error issues appear after the improper app removal

Don’t want to be involved in such negative impacts on the computer? I think you should remove Tor Browser completely as soon as possible on your Mac.

Available methods to uninstall Tor Browser for Mac

Option 1. Take manualmethod to uninstall Tor Browser on Mac

The OS X itself provides associated removing features and enable users to remove file or application by themselves, this is working for removing Tor Browser on the Mac computer, so you can try to remove Tor Browser manually via making use of the removing feature on the Mac.

Firstly, stop the running of Tor Browser

  • Click on Go at the top menu, and select Utilities
  • Click on open Activity Monitor on the folder
  • Highlight Tor Browser Helper on the list, and click on Quit Process

How to Uninstall Tor Browser on Mac - osxuninstaller (2)

Secondly, remove Tor Browser’s program package

  • Find out the Tor Browser on the menu, and drag it to the Trash
  • Enter your account’s password if it requires you do to so
  • After that, right-click on the Trash icon on the Dock, and click on Empty Trash

How to Uninstall Tor Browser on Mac - osxuninstaller (3)

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Thirdly, find adn clean its leftovers

  • Click on Go, and Go to folder…


  • Type the content in the box to open the library folder: ~/library/


  • Open these folders one by one, and delete the files and folders with Tor Browser inside: Application Support, Caches, Preferences

How to Uninstall Tor Browser on Mac - osxuninstaller (4)

  • Alternative, you can use the Search feature in Finder to locate the associated items.

How to Uninstall Tor Browser on Mac - osxuninstaller (5)

  • When finish, please remember to right-click on the Trash, and choose to empty the Trash

empty trash (1)

Many Mac users know that dragging the unwanted item to the Trash can remove it on the computer, but when it terms to uninstall a program, it is only able to remove the program’s package, many other files of the program cannot be cleaned well on the library folder. Therefore, you should complete the removal with the above three steps and make sure everything has been cleaned up on the Mac.

Option 2. Utilize Osx Uninstaller to remove Tor Browser

  • Launch Osx Uninstaller on the Mac, and all of installed applications will be showed on its interface
  • Select Tor Browser’s icon, and click on Run Analysis

How to Uninstall Tor Browser on Mac - osxuninstaller (6)

  • All of associated files will be presented on the list, and click on Complete Uninstall
  • Click on Yes to make sure you want to uninstall Tor Browser

How to Uninstall Tor Browser on Mac - osxuninstaller (7)

  • After then, you will be able to remove Tor Browser completely, please close the program, and restart your Mac

This is another way to uninstall Tor Browser on the Mac, as you can see that when choosing this way to conduct the program removal, you don’t need to take too many steps manually, either complete the annoying file removing jobs step by step; instead, the uninstaller allows you to remove the application very effectively.

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Osx Uninstaller is a specific Mac uninstall tool that contains the advanced and powerful removing features, which do a great help for the user to remove the unwanted applications completely and quickly on Mac, even though they are too stubborn to be removed by other removing approaches.

Uninstalling Tor Browser with Osx Uninstaller is a good choice for you to totally remove this program as well as avoid those possible problems after the removal, besides, you can save a lot of time and energy while comparing to uninstall the program with the first method.

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