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Uninstall Apple iTunes on Mac with Osx Uninstaller

uninstall Apple iTunes

Uninstall Apple iTunes is a common issue on Mac for many issues, it seems like the program is very difficult to be removed thoroughly on their computers. So what’s on earth the proper way to remove Apple iTunes? Here are some tips may be useful for you.

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In most cases, people would need to uninstall Apple iTunes when they should reinstall it or have no use of this program, and the problems usually cause them unable to remove the program smoothly are:

  • Apple iTunes itself contains a bug or error inside
  • People cannot uninstall Apple iTunes completely so that they cannot install a new Apple iTunes to replace the previous one on the computer
  • There is a problem with the Apple iTunes removal
  • There is not an effective way to remove Apple iTunes on Mac

In additional to these general reasons that make the people unable to uninstall Apple iTunes, it is also possible that you would encounter other issues which cause you cannot perform the removal smoothly, but the common reasons can be attributed to these problems of the unsuccessful removal: the incorrect remove and incomplete removal. So I would present two available ways which can help you resolve these two common removing problems and help you uninstall Apple iTunes successfully on your Mac computer.

What are proper ways to uninstall Apple iTunes for Mac

Suggestion 1 – remove Apple iTunes quickly with pro uninstaller

It is a popular and very effective way in nowadays to uninstall an application with a pro uninstaller, the advanced removing technique of the utility can help the user to remove a program effectively and thoroughly. Osx Uninstaller is an outstanding removal tool that can help you to uninstall Apple iTunes, the ease-of-use and automated feature will help you totally remove Apple iTunes within a very short time.

Steps to uninstall Apple iTunes with Osx Uninstaller:

  • Install and start Osx Uninstaller on your Mac computer
  • Locate the Apple iTunes program’s icon, and click on Run Analysis

remove Audacity

  • Click on Complete Uninstall icon, and click Yes to confirm the program removal


  • After a while, you will receive a message which states “Congratulations! Apple iTunes has been successfully removed“, at this time, you can exit the uninstaller, and restart your Mac to permanently uninstall Apple iTunes on your Mac


The biggest advantage of using such an uninstall utility to remove program is you don’t need to worry about the manual error or taking too much of your time, the whole removing process will be done automatically, and you will achieve a complete removal with ease and without any leftover issue. While you don’t want to rely on an uninstall utility to remove Apple iTunes program, you can also try to take the manual way to get rid of the application by yourself on the computer.

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Suggestion 2 – uninstall Apple iTunes thoroughly in a manual method

Compare to the automated removal with Osx Uninstaller, you will need to take every removing step by yourself until the program and all of its files being cleaned up on your Mac. In this case, you should be patient and careful to complete the following manual removal on your computer.

Firstly, stop the running of iTunes

  • Click on Go at the top menu, and select Utilities


  • Click on open Activity Monitor on the folder
  • Highlight iTunes Helper on the list, and click on Quit Process

Secondly, remove iTunes Helper from Log-in Items

  • Click on the Apple icon, select System Preferences


  • Click on Accounts/Users & Groups, and tap on Log-in Items
  • Select the iTunes Helper, and click on the “” button

Thirdly, remove Apple iTunes

  • Find out the Apple iTunes on the menu, and drag it to the Trash
  • Enter your account’s password if it requires you do to so
  • After that, right-click on the Trash icon on the Dock, and click on Empty Trash
  • Click on Go, and Go to folder…


  • Type the content in the box to open the library folder: ~/library/
  • Open these folders one by one, and delete the files and folders with Apple iTunes inside: Application Support, Caches, Preferences

Application Support

  • When finish, please remember to right-click on the Trash, and choose to empty the Trash

As you can see that there are three parts of the Apple iTunes removal, which are all necessary and important for the complete removal of the application, if you does not stop the program, or clean the files completely in library folder, the Apple iTunes will not be uninstalled thoroughly on your Mac.

Which method you have already decided to take and uninstall Apple iTunes on your computer? Please refer to the instructions carefully and complete the program removal till the last step, really hope these two ways can help you get rid of this program effectively, good luck.

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