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Tips to Uninstall ManyCam from Mac OS X – ManyCam Removal Guides

uninstall ManyCam

Is it a problem for you to uninstall ManyCam on your Mac computer? Does it still cannot be figured out on your PC? Don’t close this page too fast, because you will be able to learn some workable ways to remove ManyCam completely.

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Firstly, lets get a general understanding about this application. ManyCam for Mac is a third party program that allows the user to use the webcame with many special and interesting functions and effects, either you take a picture or a video; with this app, people can use the webcam with multiple programs on the computer simultaneously. The ManyCam application can be used for free, but it you want to upgrade to the pro version, you will need to pay for $49.95.

Why ManyCam cannot be removed on Mac?

When there is a need to remove a program/file on the computer, it may be a piece of cake for some people. However, it is not such the case when uninstall ManyCam, people will find that this program cannot be removed, or encounter some error issues when try to conduct the removal. In this situation, making clear about what happen on the computer is very important for removing the program effectively on the Mac. And here are some general causes which make you unable to remove the program on your PC:

  • ManyCam is not stopped running before remove it
  • Associated preferences and other files are not cleaned completely on your PC
  • The removal way of ManyCam you take is incorrect or not complete

Available methods can help you uninstall ManyCam well

1. Method one – take manual steps to remove ManyCam

There is a built-in removing feature available on Mac OS X that enable people to remove an application: ragging the program on Applications folder to the Trash, but you should also know another fact that this is not the whole of the program removal, additional removing jobs are needed when you try to uninstall ManyCam in this way.

  • Click on the Finder icon on the DOCK, and click Applications on the left pane
  • In this way, you will open the Applications folder, find the icon of ManyCam in its folder, and drag it to the Trash

remove ManyCam

  • Right click on the Trash, and click Empty Trash
  • Click on Go on the head menu of Finder, and click on Go to Folder…


  • Type “~/library” in the box and hit Return, and you will go to the Library folder


  • Find out and open these folders respectively on the library, and delete files and folders with ManyCam’s name: Application Support, Caches, Preferences

Application Support

Please note that this is not a complete removal when you just simply dragging the program to the Trash, this way is only limited on removing those files and components in the program’s package, there is another fact that, there many files of ManyCam still remained on the PC which is separated from the package, and usually locate in the library folder. Therefore, please remember to check this folders, and remove all of associated files inside.

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2.Method two – uninstall ManyCam with its own remover

With the installation of ManyCam, the ManyCam uninstaller is also installed with the application on the computer, which enable the user to remove the program itself when there is a way to do so, in this situation, you can launch the remover to uninstall ManyCam.

  • Click to open the install package of ManyCam, and click on Uninstall ManyCam

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 11.38.30 AM

  • Click on Continue at the bottom, select the checkbox of “ManyCam Effects”

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 11.38.43 AM


  • Click on Uninstall to remove the program with the instruction
  • After the standard removal, you should also repeat the above steps to find and remove all of its leftovers in the associated folder in the Library.

3. Method three – apply Osx Uninstaller to uninstall it more quickly

Taking an uninstall utility to handle and remove ManyCam is one more popular and effective way in nowadays, many people would like to manage the program removal with a reliable removing utility, so that they can save much of time and troubles in the manual removal. While people have to find out all of associated files and remove them one by one on the Mac, alternatively, the uninstaller can hold all of removing jobs and provide an automatic removing process for the user, and it is often very easy for the user to operate and use such a program on Mac.

Osx Uninstaller is a sophisticated application removal tool that can showcase a complete removal for the ManyCam application.

  • Launch Osx Uninstaller on the Mac, and all of installed applications will be showed on its interface
  • Select ManyCam’s icon, and click on Run Analysis

uninstall_ManyCam with Osx Uninstaller

  • All of associated files will be presented on the list, and click on Complete Uninstall
  • Click on Yes to make sure you want to uninstall ManyCam

complete remove ManyCam

  • After then, you will be able to remove ManyCam completely, please close the program, and restart your Mac


Find all of the manual removal jobs have been skipped and the removal become much faster? This is the bigger advantage of taking a pro uninstaller to remove the application on Mac, it can provide a simple removal of installed application, and help you to finish the removal in a few of seconds.

Completely removing a program is not only good for saving the limited space on your hard disk, it is also the important factor to avoid many errors and troubles on the Mac, because the leftover issue is often the cause for many problems on the computer.

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