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How to Completely Remove Second Life from macOS?

“I am on an iMac and after installing Second Life I am trying to delete the installer from the desktop without much luck. I have tried right clicking and ejecting, I have tried dragging it to the trash and it still sits on the desktop. Any ideas on how to remove Second Life from macOS and Mac OS X?”

move to trash

Have problem to remove Second Life for Mac? Read this tutorial to completely uninstall Second Life for Mac, and to learn more tips to other unwanted applications from macOS computer.

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From Wikipedia about Second Life:

“Second Life is an online virtual world, developed and owned by the San Francisco-based firm Linden Lab and launched on June 23, 2003. By 2013, Second Life had approximately one million regular users. In many ways, Second Life is similar to massively multiplayer online role-playing games; however, Linden Lab is emphatic that their creation is not a game: “There is no manufactured conflict, no set objective”.”

How to Completely Remove Second Life from macOS?

However, things can be tricky to remove Second Life due to unknown reason, such as the Trash can’t work during the removal. How to do to resolve this problem when Mac Trash can’t delete a target on macOS? Don’t worry, this page will tell you all the details to successfully get rid of Second Life.

Fast Way: Easily Remove Second Life

This can solve the Trash issue to remove Second Life by using the third party automated remover. Osx Uninstaller is kind of auto process removal tool for all macOS serial, it can analysis the target in seconds and remove it in quite fast time without any leftovers. Try this amazing remover to uninstall Second Life now.

1. Quit Second Life from running

First, make sure Second Life has not worked in the background of your Mac, just ensure the smooth uninstalling process. Follow the different ways a, b, c, d to completely quit Second Life:

a. Right click on the Second Life icon on the Dock, then choose Quit;


b. Click the target’s setup on the top left corner, and choose Quit Second Life (Commend+ Q).


c. Negative Activity Monitor from Go / Dock, click the Network button, then select all running process of Second Life, and then click X on the left, hit Quit to confirm the exit.

How to Completely Remove Second Life from macOS?

d. If it didn’t work, then try force quit window by pressing shortcuts of Command+ Option+ Esc, then select Second Life in the list and hit Force Quit.

force quit

The Detailed Instruction to use Removal tool

  • Step 1. Download & install OU from the above green button, launch it and select what you need to remove in the list, easily hit Run analysis button;

step 1

  • Step 2. Then, the uninstaller will analysis the target app as fast as in a few seconds later, click the button “Complete Uninstall” when all the related folders and flies appeared in the list;
  • Step 3. The tool will easily delete all the related folders and flies scanned in Step 2, now press Back to Step 1 and click Refresh, Second Life are gone from the list.

Also, there is video provided help to remove Second Life:

Unlike the traditional way to remove Second Life, you have to clean up these remaining manually by yourself, Osx Uninstaller deletes the remaining in Step 2, which scanned in Step 1. But if you don’t have this tool, you must go to the Library folder to delete them one by one without any mistake:

  • Launch Finder folder on Dock;
  • Scroll cursor to Go > click Go to Folder…;
  • Type ~/Library in the Go to Folder box and hit Enter key to open it;
  • Next type the key word Second Life, Select “Library”;
  • Delete the target items correctly;


  • Seam steps in most common folders like Application Support, Preferences & Caches;



  • And other folders like Saved Application States:


Warning: Do not delete the wrong target in Library or it will cause some serious problem to your computer. You should really take care of it when clean the Library files when cleaning.

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More features about Osx Uninstaller

Available for all installed programs

Users can choose to uninstall any program installed on their PC, which analysis in Step 1, some applications would hide behind you, but they are not missed by Osx Uninstaller. Usually it will be seen in the interface no matter what you have installed.

Automatic operation

The unwanted application can be removed quickly with a few of clicks, including “Run analysis”, “Complete Uninstall” important buttons. Only in a few seconds it will delete the target usually within a minute, you won’t have to find the remaining or target by manual, in that way, Osx Uninstaller saves more time and energy for you.

Complete removal

Standard and leftovers removal ensure the complete uninstallation of the program. Like we mentioned above, OU deletes the remaining in Step 2 in quite short time, but not like manual way that you have to do it yourself with risk and danger.

Tech support

Any removing problem can be supported by our professional technicians, and any problem to remove Second Life please to leave a massage down below.

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