Mac Unwanted App Removal Tour: Fast Remove Indigo 7 for Mac

How to completely remove Indigo 7 on Mac computer without any remains left behind on hard drive? Have problem when trying to delete Indigo as well as its associated components? Not just Indigo 7, more unwanted/needless software/program/application are such annoying on Mac OS X system. Looking for the fast way to get rid of unwanted app on Mac like Indigo 7? This is a removal guide to help you completely uninstall Indigo 7 for Mac quickly and helpfully.

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Application Introduction

Indigo is a powerful Mac-based home control server that integrates an assortment of popular Z-Wave®, INSTEON® and X10 hardware devices, as well as a variety of other hardware via 3rd party plugins, to provide monitoring and control of your home. Depending on your needs and budget, you can create a simple system that controls only a couple of lights or you can automate your entire home.

uninstall indigo 7 for mac

Fast Way to Remove Indigo 7 for Mac (Recommended)

Unlike Windows operating system, uninstallation on Mac OS X system is quite different in Windows: Mac users just need to simply drag and drop the target app to the Trash and then empty the Trash to perform the standard uninstallation in most cases. Unfortunately, you have missed the most important part—to delete the related components/folders/files to unwanted app on Mac. Usually, the remains of Indigo 7 for Mac will be stored in Indigo /Library/Caches, /Library/Preferences, /Library/Application Support, but it depends on different app, if you don’t believe, just keep reading.

We’ll list the faster method at the first to get rid of Indigo 7 for Mac first: in this part, you need to remove Indigo 7 for Mac with the help of third-party removal tool to finish whole removal tour. Osx Uninstaller is a professional Mac removal tool that is available for all installed programs with automatic operation, which means that you can totally remove all the leftovers of Indigo 7 for Mac with auto itself, all you have to do is to click couple of clicks.


Don’t forget to quit the running app to make sure you can successfully uninstall it:

If Indigo 7 for Mac show up on desktop, then right-click it to choose Quit;
If it isn’t, Choose Force Quit from the Apple icon menu, or press Command-Option-Esc to open Force Quit Application window, just choose the target you want to quit and click “Force Quit”.

force quit

The video bellow is showing the complete process to remove Indigo 7 for Mac, check for correct steps to continue your removal:

Correct Steps to Remove Indigo 7 for Mac

If you don’t have time watch the video, then just keep read for listed steps to confirm your removal, remember, just in three steps, you can say goodbye to needless Indigo 7 for Mac:

Step 1: Locate Indigo 7 as your target

remove indigo 7 with step 1

You can easily find Indigo 7 for Mac in the interface in this remover, because all of the installed apps on your Mac are listed here. Then click the button “Run Analysis” on the left panel;

Step 2: Start the target removal on Mac

step 2

After step 2, this tool will actually scan all the components belonging to Indigo 7 for Mac such as its relevant files, folders remained in hard drive on the interface, just a few second, all you have to do is easily click the button “Complete Uninstall” to run removal of leftovers;

Click Yes when finished scanning to confirm removal;

step 2.0

Step 3: Removed successfully

step 3

In the third step, Indigo 7 for Mac is gone from your Mac computer, and with no remains left in computer. you can see it very clearly that altogether 7 folders and 197 files were deleted, and freed 13.70 MB space of hard drive.

This the full removal guide to remove Indigo 7 for Mac if you use third party tool to help, but you don’t, that you must delete all the remains one by one on you Mac.

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Most common approach to Uninstall Indigo for Mac

Well, without the tool to help, you must do it manually:

First part to Remove Indigo 7 for Mac:

Drag the target into Trash or right click to choose Move to Trash:

Launch Launchpad and find the Indigo 7, click the icon still for a while until all the icons appear “X”, then drag it into Trash;


Or launch Finder, then select Application, find the target Indigo 7 for Mac, then drag it into Trash as the same.


This is the most used I had mentioned when people tried to remove something.

Second Part to Uninstall Indigo 7 for Mac:

Now you must continue your removal by delete every single remains in folder Library:

  • Open the Finder, and select Go > Go to Folder…in the Menu Bar
  • Select Go to folder…, and type “~/library/” in the box, hit Go
  • Search the files in the name of Indigo 7 in Application Support:


  • Do the same  in Preferences:


  • and Caches:


  • right-click to delete all of them

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 11.04.45 AM

  • Finally, right-click Trash, choose Empty the Trash to confirm your whole removal.

See, it’s hard to delete all of them with no mistake, so this is why we recommend you to try removal tool to help. Things would be easier if you had try once of it.

Conclusion: it is not save or not the fast way to remove Indigo 7 for Mac, the automatic operation is never gone wrong at least for now, and use automatic is seem to be a good choice for Mac users, not just one or two unwanted app, any installed apps on Mac OS X could you use this fast method to help.

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