How to Uninstall TextMate for macOS Completely?

Start removing TextMate with some easy to follow steps. If you want to Uninstall TextMate, you should give the guide a try. This guide starts with the basic instructions to clean up the program you don’t want anymore. Along with that, you will know how to uninstall a needless program like a professional.

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Introduction to TextMate

TextMate is a powerful and innovative test editor that not merely allows users to edit programming languages but also enable them to customize coding for open-source development. TextMate provides users with great features of minsert, file search, version control, scope settings, custom actions and more. If you want to be a fast coder, this TextMate program will give you a lot of help and convenience.

Uninstall TextMate

TextMate also is one of the most widely used text editors in the programming language field, not because it supports nearly all different programming languages, but because it makes it possible to code faster than you ever could. If you are looking for a good-to-use text editor and customize it as you want it, then TextMate is a superb choice.

Functions that TextMate carries out:

TextMate is a senior text editor that has over17 years’ experience in this industry. TextMate supports many languages, covers basic functions of version control and global search, and even everything you need to be a faster coder. If you are a Mac users and excited in editing codes in TextMate, you can give it a try and download from TextMate official website. Refer to a simple list of TextMate feature as followed.

  • TextMate allows users to make some changes immediately by the simple manipulation of adding insertion points. Users can swap piles of codes at once.
  • TextMate allows users to search, match, and preview texts easily. Users can get the wanted results without any efforts.
  • TextMate allows users to see what files have been changed in the file browser view and what lines have been changed in the editor view. The code they write will be very straightforward.
  • TextMate enables users to be more confident in dealing with mixing programming languages, different build systems and entirely disparate formatting preferences.
  • TextMate can not only change piles of text and code into snippets but also utilize bundles for customization. It also can eliminate plenty of repetitive work using Macros.
  • … much more

TextMate uninstall guide is intended for:

This post focuses on how to uninstall TextMate for macOS, intended for those Mac users who want to keep the latest version of TextMate but are frustrated about how to uninstall the old version. If you are one of those users, take a look at the TextMate uninstall guide here.

How to Uninstall TextMate on Your Mac?

At first, you will know how to uninstall the TextMate program through manual ways. We’ll guide you step by step. To accomplish this removal task requires you simply follow and finish each step. So let’s get started now.

First Method – Remove TextMate Using Launchpad

  • Open Finder in the Dock > select Applications > select Utilities  and open it


  • In the Utilities interface, double click Activity Monitor to open it


  • In the Activity Monitor interface > select CPU tab > double click on the TextMate program > select Quit


  • Select Quit again to make sure you want to end all process related with the TextMate program.


  • Go to Finder again > select Applications > find the TextMate program


  • Right click on the TextMate program > select Move to Trash. To make the TextMate removal works, open Trash folder > select Empty Trash.


Second Method – Uninstall TextMate Using Osx Uninstaller

Having a professional way makes TextMate removal easier, more effective, and even helps you get rid of all junk files completely. We’ll guide you how to uninstall TextMate using Osx Uninstaller here.

  • Launch Osx Uninstaller, you will look at the Step 1 Interface. Select on TextMate > select Run Analysis

uninstall TextMate with Osx Uninstaller

  • Next, you will see the Step 2 interface. Select Complete Uninstall > click Yes to make sure you want to remove TextMate.

Uninstall TextMate

  •  Osx Uninstaller will uninstall TextMate completely. Once done, you will see a prompt says the TextMate has been successfully removed. Restart your Mac.

remove TextMate

Video guide: Refer to video guide on how to uninstall TextMate using Osx Uninstaller here.

At Last

Osx Uninstaller is able to uninstall any unwanted apps on Macs. No matter whether you want to uninstall TextMate without any efforts or remove all leftovers just in seconds, the professional Osx Uninstaller can give you much help. To get this Osx Uninstaller, click on the following button to get it.

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