How to Uninstall Shazam App for macOS?

An easy guide to know how to Uninstall Shazam from your Mac computers efficiently, easiest and most professional way to clean out all Shazam leftovers. At the end of the post, you will have gained deep insight into each method of the Shazam uninstall.

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Shazam Overview

I believe that you must have heard one or two familiar or very desirable songs in the restaurant or shopping mall but don’t know their name, especially some of the songs not in popular demand. Most of the cases no one can help you, but it would be bad to miss this beautiful for the whole person. So, we need to find a right-hand man – a mobile music discovery app that we can carry around with us, which is able to accurately identify all the music or song names you want just by asking the phone to “listen”. This is what the Shazam app does.

Uninstall Shazam

Shazam is a popular music recognition app that can be downloaded in iOS, Android, and macOS, intended for helping users discovering, buying and sharing their favorite music, following along with time-synced lyrics. People also can use Shazam to share a personalized playlist from your Mac to TV.

When it comes to music recognition app, many people will think of Shazam first. It is a classic old music recognition application that is very simple to use. When launched, press the identify button, then point the phone’s microphone at the place where the music is being played, and it will be able to identify the song or the name of the music in a few seconds.

The Shazam for macOS version can take your ability to discover music to a whole new level. It won’t require take your phone out of your pocket to capture the music that is playing next to you. Shazam usually runs silently in the background, but when it finds the song you should know it comes alive and creates a playlist as you go.

How to Uninstall Shazam for Your macOS?

We start with explaining the basics of the uninstall Shazam in the first manual solution. You will know how to normally uninstall an app to trash with ease. It’s important to have you Mac backed up, so you don’t lose any information on your device.

Method 1: Manual Way to Uninstall Shazam on Mac

We’ll use the step-by-step instruction guide to remove the Shazam app from your Mac computer. If you want to find out how to uninstall an app by your own hands, this is just the right method for you!

Step 1: Quit Shazam in the Dock. If you can’t quit Shazam completely, go to Activity Monitor and force quit Shazam there.

Click Finder > click Applications folder > double click Utilities > double click Activity Monitor to open it.


Click CPU tab > click Shazam > click X in the top left corner > click Quit or Force Quit.

fource quit shazam

Step 2: Launch Finder> right click Shazam > click Move to Trash. After that, open Trash folder > click Empty Trash.

move shazam to trash

Please note: This method will remove Shazam from your macOS but not completely. To ace a complete removal, you still need to manually figure out those left files and entries of Shazam and delete them. For those Mac users who know little about registry handling, we suggest you utilize a professional uninstaller tool, which will be safe to clean out any wanted apps thoroughly and easily. You can refer to the second method – we’ll show you how to uninstall Shazam using Osx Uninstaller.

Method 2: Uninstall Shazam Using Professional Uninstaller

Move into how to uninstall Shazam in your macOS, and the very professional solution to clean out all leftovers of Shazam in a few of clicks. You will know the difference in removing an app in person or using a professional uninstaller tool, so you will have a better understanding of how to uninstall Shazam overall.

Step 1: Quit Shazam in the Dock. You fail to quit Shazam in the Dock, go to Activity Monitor and force quit Shazam there. Launch Osx Uninstaller > click Shazam > click Run Analysis

uninstall Shazam

Step 2: Click Complete Uninstall > click Yes to confirm you want to uninstall Shazam in your macOS.

remove shazam

Step 3:  Once accomplished, you can see that all things about Shazam have been removed successfully.

remove shazam

Tips: Refer to a thorough video guide on how to uninstall Shazam for macOS as followed.

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In a word, to uninstall Shazam by using the professional uninstaller tool – Osx Uninstaller, you can click the below button to obtain it in no time.

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