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How to Uninstall RememBear for Mac?

Do you struggle to get everything you need to know to uninstall RememBear for Mac? Do you struggle to get rid of leftovers so that you can accomplish the complete removal of the unwanted Mac app? Do you feel disappointed because you can’t fully understand the methods listed online? If you do, you are not alone. The guide here provides you with the most complete instructions and optimal tools to help you uninstall any app on a Mac completely.

So, don’t miss out on the complete tutorial to uninstall RememBear and master the basics of removing any app on a Mac. If you are looking for a complete, informative, easy yet effective guide, then here is a right place to get started.

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RememBear Overview

Uninstall RememBear

When it comes to password manager, the first apps that come to mind are generally 1Password, LastPass, Dashlane, KeePass, etc. Most of them are very experienced and professional, covering not only the mainstream operating system platforms, but also have their own advantages in terms of features, which can meet the needs of different user groups for password management. However, in addition to platforms coverage and functional features, these password managers are too “similar”. After all, functionality and reliability are the priority of password manager apps, as long as the design is acceptable.

But we never turn down an amazing app, like Remembear, a newcomer to the password manager queue. Poking out his head on his computer monitor, RememBear comes with bear puns and the bear can be said is RememBear’s mascot. It can adapt to almost any environment, whether it’s Windows, Mac or Android or iOS. The browser add-on covers all three major browsers, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. RememBear claims to be the easiest way to secure and remember your passwords, and its auto-fill feature will save much time and efforts for you.

With Remembear, you will experience rich features and functions. The user-friendly and approachable design make it very simple to use, any beginner can get started easily and effortlessly. The auto-fill feature allows you to login any websites through just one click, and even you can access and fill in your credit cards automatically. Besides that, the Remembear app will solve the biggest issue that you hardly remember any passwords. It will save and secure all your passwords so that you won’t be overwhelmed with those unbearable password’s resets. Along with that, Remembear also allows users to access to passwords across all your devices, Macs, tables, phones and more.

Complete Guide to Uninstall RememBear for Mac

In the first section of this guide, I will show you what is the common methods about removing an app on Mac. The second section will be about knowing and understanding how to utilize a professional uninstaller tool to help you ace all the issue of removing any unwanted Mac apps. Understand how fast and simple it will be when you choose an optimal uninstaller tool.

Here you will get:

-How to uninstall RememBear through the common-used manual way.
-How to uninstall RememBear through a professional uninstaller tool named Osx Uninstaller.
-How to be effortless in removing any unwanted Mac apps through just a few of clicks.

Method I: Remove RememBear Through Manual Way

Step 1: To start, we should quit RememBear on the Dock; or Force quit RememBear from Activity Monitor. Refer to the steps as:

  • Right-click the RememBear on the Dock > select Quit option from the pop-up menu.

quit RememBear

  • Or click Finder > access to Applications folder > access to Utilities folder > open Activity Monitor.

avtivity monitor

  • In the Activity Monitor window, select the RememBear in the CPU tab > Click Delete icon (X) > click Force Quit.

force quit RememBear

Step 2: We now need to move the RememBear app to the Trash folder. Click Finder > access to Applications folder> right-click on the RememBear app icon > click the Move to Trash option from the pop-up menu.

move RememBear to Trash folder

Step 3: Click Finder > click Go > click Go to Folder > enter ‘~Library‘ in the box > click Go.

go to folder

Step 4: Go to the following sub-folders, delete files associated with the RememBear correctly.

  • ~/Library/Application Support/
  • ~/Library/Caches/

WARNING: This action can’t be undone! So be careful when you delete RememBear files, any wrong deletion of system files probably get you into more troubles.

Step 5: Open the Trash folder on the Dock and empty it. Once done, Restart your Mac.

empty trash

Method II: Uninstall RememBear Through Osx Uninstaller

Step 1: Launch Osx Uninstaller on your Mac> select RememBear app from the list> click Run Analysis.

Uninstall RememBear

Step 2: Click Complete Uninstall > click Yes to confirm that you would like to completely uninstall RememBear on your Mac.

remove RememBear

Step 3: All RememBear leftovers have been removed successfully. You can get back to Step 1 page and check. Finally, Restart your Mac.

complete uninstall RememBear

Simple video guide:


At the end of this guide, you may have fully understood how to remove a Mac app through a manual way; and you may have recognized how simple it will be when you choose to uninstall a Mac app through a professional uninstaller tool. Regarding how to uninstall RememBear, if you still hesitate about removing it through the manual way, we suggest you utilize the professional Osx Uninstaller to help you. Osx Uninstaller can let you feel effortless in cleaning out RememBear and all your undesired apps for Mac. Give it a try now, click the download button below to get started in no time.

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