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How to Uninstall Keeper Password Manager for Mac?

Have you ever wondered how to uninstall Keeper Password Manager on your Mac? Have you ever tried to remove a Mac app just because you temporarily won’t tend to use them? Then don’t miss out the most complete guide on how to uninstall apps on a Mac, and how to delete leftovers.

What you will get:

  • Get a brief introduction to Keeper Password Manager
  • Get how to uninstall Keeper Password Manager or other Mac apps through the common-used manual way.
  • Get how to delete the left files after an app is removed on your Mac.
  • Get a professional uninstaller app to troubleshoot all the issues you encountered when uninstall Keeper Password Manager.
  • Get how to use a professional uninstaller to remove any unwanted apps through just a few of clicks.

Uninstall Apps on Mac with Automatic Tool


This guide will get you started in removing the Keeper Password Manager app on your Mac using the basic Mac techniques. Following the step-by-step manual guide, we acquire all the basics you need to know to uninstall any other unwanted apps for your Mac.

We then derive the very high-performance and professional uninstaller tool called Osx Uninstaller. I show you how to uninstall Keeper Password Manager thoroughly in Osx Uninstaller, as well as the leftover files, entries, and other relevant components.

Next, we’ll have a simple overview regarding the Keeper Password Manager.

You should know this guide if you are looking to uninstall Keeper Password Manager and other unwanted apps for Mac, or if you are interested in Mac apps uninstallation and leftovers removal in general. We go beyond basic steps like how to move an app to Trash and I show you something that automatically uninstalls features.

Keeper Password Manager Overview

With the development of modern science and technology, all kinds of things can be contracted by professionals, organizations or technologies. So, password management is not an exception. Passwords should be managed by professional password management application. The important point is that the password can be set automatically, arbitrarily, and even the super-strong passwords can be remembered managed by an advanced password management software. This will be very helpful for us to get twice the result with half the effort and set our mind at work. There are also a lot of password manager apps online, the Keeper Password Manager is one of them.

Uninstall Keeper Password Manager

Keeper Password Manager is a powerful password manager developed by Keeper Security that brings out secure and easy-to-use methods to remember and store passwords for all of your Mac devices. Keeper Password Manager has its own digital vault, which makes it be able to provide users with the hassle-free solution to secure their personal data and protect login credentials from hacking. Keeper Password Manager can be said is a way to save you from being the victims of identity theft. If you are looking for a way that you don’t have to remember all your accounts’ passwords, then the Keeper password manager can help you. With Keeper Password Manager, all your passwords, logins, credit card numbers, bank accounts are protected and secure.

2 Methods to Uninstall Keeper Password Manager on a Mac

The guide provides you with the very detailed steps so that you can really see how the common-used uninstall method can be used on any Mac apps. Throughout the guide, we’ll do a uninstall project (uninstall Keeper Password Manager), which will show you to uninstall or remove a Mac app like whether or not that app is installed on Applications folder or other locations.

After getting your feet wet with the basic uninstall method, I provide a brief overview of the provided Osx Uninstaller tool – how the uninstaller tool can completely uninstall Keeper Password Manager in seconds.

If you already know about the manual removal method, and you want to skip over the basic steps to manually uninstall Keeper Password Manager and using more advanced uninstaller to clean out all unwanted Mac apps, check out the second method directly on this topic.

First Method: Manually Remove Keeper Password Manager on Mac

Selection 1: Right-click the Keeper Password Manager app icon on the Dock > click Quit. This usually will quit the app on your Mac. If not, you need to force quit the Keeper password manager Through Apple menu.

quit Keeper Password Manager

Selection 2: Click the Apple icon on the top-left corner > click Force Quit. Select the Keeper Password Manager app > Click Force Quit > click Force Quit again to make sure that you need to quit Keeper Password Manager right now.

force quit Keeper

Step 2: Move the Keeper Password Manager app to Trash.

Click Finder > open Applications folder > right-click the Keeper Password Manager app > select Move to Trash from the pop-up menu.

remove Keeper

Step 3: Delete leftovers of Keeper Password Manager.

Click Finder > click Go > click Go to Folder. Fill in the Keeper Password Manager pathname below and open the corresponding sub-folders. Find out and delete all left files related with the Keeper Password Manager app.

go to folder

  • ~/Library/Caches/Keeper Password Manager/
  • ~/Library/Application Support/Keeper Password Manager/
  • ~/Library/Caches/Keeper Password Manager Crash Reporter/

Please note: Any deletion of the Keeper Password Manager files can’t be undone. So don’t delete system files by mistaken.

Step 4: Open the Trash folder in the Dock > select all items relevant with the Keeper Password Manager app > click Empty Trash.

empty trash

Step 5: Restart your Mac.

Second Method: Automatically Uninstall Keeper Password Manager on Mac

Step 1: Launch Osx Uninstaller tool if you’ve gotten it ready on your Mac. When Osx Uninstaller opens, select the Keeper Password Manager app on the right-hand side opposite to the Step 1 page. Click Run Analysis. Osx Uninstaller now is analyzing all things associated with the Keeper Password Manager app, this may take a while.

uninstall Keeper Password Manager

Step 2: Click Complete Uninstall > click Yes.

complete uninstall Keeper Password Manager

Step 3: When the Keeper Password Manager app uninstall is accomplished, you will get a message that “Keeper Password Manager has been successfully removed.” You can click Back to Interface to check. After that, you still need to Restart your Mac.

Keeper Password Manager is removed

Refer to a Simple video guide:


Whether you are new to Mac, or want to know more about uninstall, or are curious to find out a way to uninstall Keeper Password Manager or remove all unwanted apps easily, the guide mentioned above is for you. This guide is not about making you just uninstall along without understanding the basics so that when you are done with the guide you don’t know what to do other than find another tutorial. NO! this guide will let you clearly understand how to uninstall Keeper Password Manager through both the manual removal and technical uninstall methods. At least, the provided Osx Uninstaller tool makes removing the Keeper Password Manager be a much easier thing than ever could, as well as all the vestiges.

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