How to Uninstall FastMail for Mac OS X?

Whether you Uninstall FastMail for security upgrade or troubleshoot some issues, being capable of removing an application on the Mac is one of the most basic tricks you can acquire.

A how-to uninstall guide for removing FastMail on your Mac. By the end of this guide, you will have a basic understanding of app removal – how to succeed in deleting leftover files.

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FastMail Overview

FastMail supports email hosting service, is a mass mailing app that utilizes the means of direct mailing. FastMail is famous for its earliest providing free IMAP mail service. Besides that, FastMail also is the historical minimal and fast mail system app. Although the volume is very small, there are many unique features and functions included.

Uninstall FastMail

FastMail comes with the built-in SMTP server that is able to send your email to the receptor’s email directly, and doesn’t need for the intermediate SMTP server to transit anymore, so the whole workflow is quite fast and easy. While sending emails, you don’t need to apply for an account, the FastMail app allows you to send emails to others anonymously, quickly, and conveniently. Along with that, the FastMail app allows you sending multi-media website, you just need to import HTML files, the program will automatically deal with all images, audios and more other things contained in the file, and the other side will receive a colorful email.

Some issues you may encounter and decide to uninstall FastMail:

  • Failed to log in via FastMail Mac app
  • Failed to log in via non-Fastmail clients
  • New 2FA isn’t working, and my old 2FA doesn’t work

If you tried to fix issues like mentioned above, and it still doesn’t work, we suggest you uninstall the app and reinstall from the App Store. Wondering how to uninstall FastMail on your Mac? Read more to discover an answer.

How to Uninstall FastMail on a Mac?

I’ll show you how to uninstall FastMail in a manual way and how to get rid of all things about FastMail in a professional uninstaller application. At the finish of the FastMail removal, you’ll have the skill and understanding of Osx Uninstaller tool to easily uninstall FastMail through a few of clicks. Wondering how it works? Continue reading.

Method 1:

In the first part, you will get how to uninstall FastMail manually.

1. Quit FastMail from Dock; or Force quit FastMail from Activity Monitor.

You can right-click the FastMail in the Dock, select Quit option.

Or open Finder > Applications > Utilities > Select the FastMail in the CPU tab > Click X icon > click Force Quit.

 avtivity monitor

quit FastMail

2. Drag the FastMail application from your Applications folder to your Trash.
Open Finder > Applications > Right-click on FastMail app icon > Click Move to Trash.

Delete FastMail

3. Open Finder > click Go > click Go to Folder > enter ‘~Library‘ in the box > click Go.


go to folder

4. Delete files associated with the FastMail from the following sub-folders.

~/Library/Application Support/

WARNING: This action can’t be undone! Make sure you delete FastMail files rightly, otherwise, any wrong system files deletion gets you into more troubles.

5. Empty Trash folder and Restart your Mac. You can right-click the Trash folder in the Dock to open it.

empty trash

Method 2:

In the second part, you will get how to uninstall FastMail professionally. And how to delete all remnants completely.

1. Launch Osx Uninstaller > click the FastMail app > click Run Analysis.

Uninstall Fastmail

2. Click Complete Uninstall > click Yes to be sure you want to uninstall FastMail from your Mac computer. This step will help you get rid of all the program folders and files in automatic.

remove Fastmail

3. The FastMail leftovers have been removed successfully. You just need to quit Osx Uninstaller and Restart your Mac.

remove Fastmail

Simple video guide:

At last

If you’ve been always trying to uninstall FastMail but failed, we suggest you try the professional uninstaller application named Osx Uninstaller. It will help you uninstall any undesired Mac apps just in a few of clicks. The whole process only takes a few minutes. Are you ready for trying Osx Uninstaller? Click the button below to obtain it easily.

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