Efficient and Fast Approach to Remove ShareIt for Mac

In this page, I’ll list a quick way to help you completely uninstall ShareIt on Mac, more importantly, to remove all remains in ShareIt left in hard drive of your PC. If you have problem with remove ShareIt or you want an efficient and fast approach, then just keep watching carefully.

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What is ShareIt for Mac?

As you know, ShareIt 1.0 (in this page) that is some converter that allow users to easily share files with anybody in an easy and convenient way, and it can transfer the files between phone, pad or Mac, whatever you like, I think it is quite convenient for the day that people has more than one devises of Apple products at hand. Of course it has the version of Windows, but today we’re talking about remove ShareIt for Mac when you don’t need it.


Fast Approach to Remove ShareIt for Mac (Not Usual Method)

Now, we’ll turn to the topic, how remove ShareIt on Mac OS X effectively and quickly on your Mac. I’d like to introduce a professional Uninstaller to you if you are still have troubles on removing unwanted app/software/program on Mac OS X. the point is that, quick and efficient process when uninstall something like ShareIt for Mac, and with no leftovers behind.

Don’t believe it can solve your trouble only in a few minutes with couple of simple clicks? Then watch the complete removal guide of how to fully uninstall ShareIt for Mac:

Or learn the full steps to remove ShareIt for Mac:
launch Osx Uninstaller, of course you should install it for website, if you don’t know how to visit, click the button bellow:

Download Osx Uninstaller

Step 1: Locate ShareIt app as your target


You can easily find ShareIt in the interface in this remover, because all of the installed apps on your Mac are listed here. Then click the button “Run Analysis” on the left panel;

Step 2: Start the target removal on Mac


After step 2, this tool will actually scan all the components belonging to ShareIt auch as its relevant files, folders remained in hard drive on the interface, just a few second, all you have to do is easily click the button “Complete Uninstall” to run removal of leftovers;


Click Yes when finished scanning to confirm removal;

Step 3: Removed successfully

step 3

Well, this step will surely inform you that the removal of ShareIt for Mac is completely finished. Then back to interface to check out the trace of ShareIt, you’ll find nothing—it’s gone.

Usual Methods to Remove ShareIt for Mac (Most Used)

There was the most efficient way to remove ShareIt for Mac in above mentioned, now this is the most used in Mac users to uninstall ShareIt on Mac OS X—use Trash to remove apps.

  • Drag the target into Trash or right click to choose Move to Trash:

1.Launch Launchpad and find the ShareIt for Mac, then drag it into Trash;


2.Or launch Finder, then select Application, find the target ShareIt for Mac, then drag it into Trash as the same.


You might this is supper easy to do when remove something, but what you have to do nest is not easy anymore. To continue the removal, you have to delete all the remains belong to ShareIt for Mac. this is the right way to do:

  • Open the Finder, and select Go > Go to Folder…in the Menu Bar
  • Select Go to folder…, and type “~/library/” in the box, hit Go


  • Library folder will pop up then
  • Search the files in the name of ShareIt for Mac in Application Support
  • right-click to delete all of them
  • Back to Library folder, repeat the same operation in Preferences and Caches
  • Once the remains of ShareIt for Mac is appeared on the screen, delete it
  • Finally, right-click Trash, choose Empty the Trash to confirm your whole removal

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 11.46.07 AM

These three folders are the location of an app will be normally stored in hard drive, but not sure its remains will be stored in other folders that you don’t know
Unluckily, as a matter of fact, the associated files also found in
/Library/C, you can see the picture bellow:


Which means you need to go to this folder to delete them directly, what’s worse, the other remains might hide in more other folders that you don’t know like /Library/CashReporter or /Library/C or other…, or some files with the name have no connection with the target name ShareIt, so to delete leftovers from Library seems insecure for users to do: you may miss some or delete some incorrect.

Why is Better to Use Tool to Help

This is why removal tool is recommended as first choice when you need to get rid of some app from Mac OS X. when we clean our house, we mean to clean it with no trash left, removal is the same, to remove ShareIt for Mac means uninstall it completely from computer with nothing left behind, not as single file remained. The cleanliness and security of Mac is important for a user, while uninstaller can achieve it very easily but manual approach seems impossible. Thus, you know which one you should choose to have a completely cleaning of your computer now?

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