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Comprehensive Ways to Uninstall Mac Video Downloader

uninstall Mac Video Downloader

Hi there! When you are reading this article, you are hoping to uninstall Mac Video Downloader comprehensively from your Mac computer. Indeed, this post is illustrating the sequential steps to remove Mac Video Downloader in Mac OS X with different solutions. Continue your reading and pick your favorite approach to carry out the uninstallation now.

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There is not just one way to remove unwanted applications in Mac OS X, but not all the methods suits every single user. For those advanced users who are familiar with Mac, you can try any solution here, but as for the average or even newbie users who just switch to Mac OS X from Windows, you may need to consider an easier one. Read and choose the right approach for yourself.

Uninstall Mac Video Downloader in a manual way
This method is a demanding one for people who are new to Mac OS X, thus it is not so recommended for average Mac users but for those advanced users.

Step 1: Quit the process of Mac Video Downloader via Activity Monitor.

  • Click “File” on the taskbar; choose “New Finder Window” from the list.
  • Select “Applications” and then go find Utilities folder, or you just click on Utilities folder on the left-hand sidebar in Finder window, launch Activity Monitor inside Utilities folder.

Activity Monitor

  • Change the filter into “All Process”, click on Mac Video Downloader and then select “Quit Process”.

quite process 1

As for higher version of Mac OS X, such as 10.9.5, you can just click on Mac Video Downloader and its related process, click on the “Force a process to quit” button, which displays as a cross icon on the left-upper corner in Activity Monitor interface, and then click on “Quit” in the windows that pops up.

quit process

Or you can press down Command+ Option+ Escape keys to force quit the process in all versions of Mac OS X. Select the target process, click on “Force Quit”and then confirm your performance.

force quit 1

confirm Force Quit

Step 2: Remove the executive files of Mac Video Downloader.

  • Dragging the icon of Mac Video Downloader to the Trash or right click on the icon and then choose “Move to Trash”.

move to Trash

Step 3: Locate and delete the remnant files of Mac Video Downloader
There are several hidden files of Mac Video Downloader that are scattering in multiple places in Mac OS X. Generally, you will to search for the hidden files of the program in the Preferences folder, Application Support folder, Caches folder, and logs and so on.

Delete Preferences files:

  • Open Finder, click on “Go” on the taskbar, and then select “Go to Folder” from the list.


  • Enter “~Library” and then click on “Go” button.


  • Open Preferences folder and locate the files inside related to Mac Video Downloader, and then trash them all.

Preferences folder

Locate and delete Application Support files :

  • Back to the Library, open the Application Support folder, and find out the junk files associated to the unwanted program and then move then to the Trash.

Application Support folder

Trash junk files in Caches folder:

  • Again, back to the Library interface, open Caches folder, locate and delete the target files inside the folder.


In addition, there might be some residues stored in some other folders in Library, so you’d better check other folders to see if there are leftovers to ensure a complete uninstallation.

Step 4: Empty Trash. This is the last step of the manual uninstallation, and also the one that is easily to be neglected. Right click on the Trash icon, select “Empty Trash”and then click the corresponding button to confirm your performance. Remember to check the files in your Trash bin, move the import ones out of it before you empty Trash for this act cannot undo.

Empty Trash

You may be tired when you reading here, but it can be more exhausting to perform such kind of complicated instructions. You may wonder are there any shortcut to completely uninstall Mac Video Downloader in Mac OS X? Actually, there is one.

Uninstall Mac Video Downloader with an automatic method
Having read about the complicated manual way, this one is usually called the automatic one, which has its own features like simplicity and efficiency. You can successfully uninstall Mac Video Downloader with just a few clicks.

Download Osx Uninstaller

  • Step 1: Download and activate a smart uninstaller

Download Uninstaller

  • Step 2: Launch the uninstaller, select Mac Video Downloader and then click on the “Run Analysis” button.

unistall Mac Video Downloader 1

  • Step 3: Click on “Complete Uninstall” and then choose “Yes” to finish your removal.

uninstall Mac Video Downloader 22

Just three simple steps and that is all you need to do to uninstall Mac Video Downloader comprehensively in Mac OS X. Different from the manual method, this approach requires less time and results in a complete uninstallation.

You can use the uninstaller not only to remove Mac Video Downloader, but also to remove any other unwanted applications in your Mac computer. Now, do you still feel it difficult to achieve thorough uninstallation in Mac OS X?

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