Completely Uninstall &Remove PeerGuardian for Mac

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PeerGuardian is a firewall application that can filter network traffic based on predefined hosts lists. The project has been created to provide a protection system while using P2P but is no longer under development. In a word, PeerGuardian is a IP blocker for OS X, if you think there is risk when surfing the internet that you can use it to block IP, but do you know how to remove PeerGuardian for Mac effectively in seconds?

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You may have questions about how to delete/uninstall PeerGuardian for Mac, or unsure how to do to remove  PeerGuardian for Mac correctly. This blog is about completely and thoroughly uninstall &remove PeerGuardian from Mac OS X, thus, we’ll provide you at least two different methods to help get rid of it.

Fast Way to Uninstall PeerGuardian for Mac

Firstly, we’ll introduce the fast way to uninstall PeerGuardian on Mac, unlike in Windows removal, users usually use Control Panel to delete software/grogram/application, while on Mac, users have to delete its leftovers on hard drive after dragging it into Trash, in this procedure, it’s hard to clean all leftover related with PeerGuardian for Mac in a very short time.


So with the help of the third party tool to delete them all will sound like a good idea to do, Osx Uninstaller is such a professional Mac removal tool that is available for all installed programs with automatic operation. Therefore, to remove PeerGuardian for Mac and delete all remains in seconds with only three simple steps with auto, why don’t you try it for once?

Step 1: Locate PeerGuardian for Mac as your target

step 1

You can easily find PeerGuardian for Mac in the interface in this remover, because all of the installed apps on your Mac are listed here. Then click the button “Run Analysis” on the left panel;

Step 2: Start the target removal on Mac

step 2

After step 2, this uninstaller will actually scan all the components belonging to PeerGuardian for Mac such as its relevant files, folders remained in hard drive on the interface. Just a few second, click the button “Complete Uninstall” to run removal of its leftovers;


Click Yes when finished scanning to confirm removal;

Step 3: Removed successfully

step 3

In the third step, PeerGuardian for Mac is gone from your Mac computer, and with no remains left in computer. you can see it very clearly that altogether 74 folders and 124 files were deleted, and freed 6.36 MB space of hard drive.

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Spend a few minutes to watch the full video tutorial of how to completely remove &uninstall PeerGuardian for Mac in bellow:

Manual Approach to Remove PeerGuardian for Mac

Well, the second way to get rid of PeerGuardian for Mac is the most used method—by manual approach.
Quit the running application first before operation:
If it is in Dock, then right click it to choose Quit
Or open the Force Quit Application and choose target to quit.

force quit

After that, start the removal,drag-to-trash may not be stranger for Mac users when they uninstall apps on OS X,
Launch Launchpad and find the PeerGuardian, click the icon still for a while until all the icons appear “X”, then drag it into Trash;


Or launch Finder, then select Application, find the target PeerGuardian for Mac, then drag it into Trash as the same.


Now continue the rest steps to fully uninstall PeerGuardian for Mac

Like above mentioned, in windows removal, leftovers would be scanned and deleted in Registry Editor, but in macOS, you need to launch Library to find and delete them all.

  • Launch the Finder, go to Menu Bar at the head, and select Go > Go to Folder…
  • Type “~/library/” in the box, hit Go


  • Library folder will pop up then
  • Search the files in the name of PeerGuardian in Application Support:

application support

  • Back to Library folder, repeat the same operation in Preferences:


  • and Caches:


  • Once any trace relates with PeerGuardian for Mac is appeared in the list, delete it:

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 11.09.51 AM

  • Finally, right-click Trash, choose Empty the Trash to confirm your whole removal

empty trash

These three folders are the location of an app will be normally stored in hard drive, but not sure its remains will be stored in other folders that you don’t know
Unluckily, as a matter of fact, the associated files also found in Logs:


and Save Application State:

save applocation state

So you need to delete them, too.

If you are luckily and careful enough, all the remaining folders and files are found by you, and you have successfully deleted them all, the removal of PeerGuardian for Mac is now finished. If you are not, some problems might happen:

  • PeerGuardian for Mac can’t be removed
  • Files relate to PeerGuardian for Mac have been found in the later use on Mac

Which One Will You Choose?

So now you know why it is recommended to use removal tool to help with removing PeerGuardian for Mac, for convenience, for saving time, for secure issue of PC, these are the real good reason to choose Osx Uninstaller to help when uninstall &remove any unwanted software/program/application on Mac OS X. if you have any other question about removal please feel free to talk to our tech team for.

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