How to Download, Install, and Register Osx Uninstaller 2023

Osx Uninstaller 2023 release is launched, which comes out to be more user-friendly and makes some essential changes alongside the new look and feel. The optimized uninstalling functions cater to anyone who wants to uninstall an app successfully in macOS. If you are looking to find out how you can download, install and register the new version of Osx Uninstaller 2023 for your Mac, here is a simple guide to help you figure that out.

1. Download and Install Osx Uninstaller 2023

Step 1: Download Osx Uninstaller on this page:
Step 2: Install Osx Uninstaller from the Download folder of your Mac.
Step 3: Open the Download folder on your Mac > double click on the OsxUninstaller2023.dmg file to start installing.
Step 4: Drag the Osx Uninstaller app to install it to the Applications folder.
Step 5: Go to the Applications folder > double-click on the Osx Uninstaller app > click Open to be sure that you want to open it.
Step 6: Click on the Agree option to allow the Osx Uninstaller app installing on your Mac
Step 7: Next, you will see the Osx Uninstaller app launching on your Mac. Click OK to make sure that you would like to allow the Osx Uninstaller app to access files in your Desktop folder.

2. Install Removal Engine & Enable Full Disk Access

Step 1: Install Removal Engine: Click Setting on the top of the interface > click the Install button to enable the Removal Engine for Osx Uninstaller.
install removal engine
Step 2: To install the Helper tool for Osx Uninstaller, please enter your Password to allow this. Click the Install Helper button.
install helper
Step 3: Click the Open Full Disk Access Preferences… button to enable the Full Disk Access for Osx Uninstaller on your Mac.
open full disk access
Step 4: Then the Security & Privacy preferences is launched. Under the Privacy tab > scroll down and Select the Full Disk Access option on the left panel > click the Lock icon to unlock the settings > enter your Password to allows this > click Unlock.
unlock settings
Step 5: On the right pane, scroll down and find the Osx Uninstaller app. Check the Osx Uninstaller to select it.
enable full disk access
Step 6: Click the Quit & Reopen button enable the full disk access for Osx Uninstaller. After that, click the Lock icon again to prevent further changes and you can quit the System Preferences window.
quit and reopen
Step 7: Till now, we have enabled the removal engine function and the Full Disk Access for Osx Uninstaller.
full disk access

3. Register Osx Uninstaller for Mac

Step 1: Click Register option on the top of the window
You will see “Enter your registration code here” as the screenshot below.
Step 2: Copy and paste the registration code into the blank box > click the Activate Now button.
enter registration code
Step 3: If it is activated successfully, you will see the prompt that Your copy of Osx Uninstaller has been successfully activated. Click OK and your Osx Uninstaller is ready for work.
register complete